30 September - 01 October, 2018
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Michael Turner

STO Specialist
Independent Consultant
Michael brings over 25 years of experience of working within the oil and gas industry with clients including Shell, Total, Oxy, ENI, Schlumberger, KOC, KNPC, Oryx GTL, ADMA-OPCO, and BP to name a few. His experience includes working with a wide range of upstream, downstream, heavy engineering, engineering service and chemical process sectors and has been actively involved in to preparing and leading turnarounds, introducing changes and improvements to drive turnaround performance. Michael brings particular skills needed when working in large complex engineering environments and organisations and bring about exceptional results.

9:30 AM Achieving turnaround excellence by maximising contractor’s performance and productivity (coffee break included)

Contractor management and productivity are amongst some of the biggest challenges that operators face during an STO project and this often leads to time delays and additional costs. This workshop will cover how various contractor systems can be use used optimally in the scheduled turnaround (TAR). Through interactive learning strategies attendees will learn about the effective methods for managing interfaces between contractors and other stakeholders to overcome the communication challenges.

The session will also include:
  • Specific steps that can be taken to engage and ensure accountability for planning and execution excellence by operators and contractors
  • How to move from a “you should” to a “why don’t we” set of conversations that engage all stakeholders in optimising performance during STO
  • Learnings from other turnaround projects in the region

Workshop leader:

1:00 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Adopting effective strategies to eliminate skill-based challenges faced by operators and contractors during STO and actions implemented to overcome this

  • Monitoring the performance of the contractor by managing current level of skills and evaluating the team sent by the contractor
  • Implementing effective training workshops for skilled workforce to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances during inspection to avoid any operational delays
  • Identifying strategies put in place to ensure skilled labour competency by implementing actions that are put in place to deal with poor performance of the task force


9:00 AM Effective material management for time-critical events during a turnaround

  • Discussing ways to ensure standby equipment is available to avoid any surprises during TAR
  • Sharing best practices in managing inventory stores to avoid shortages during TAR
  • Identifying strategies on how to ensure the task force is informed about the material replacement or substitute during the inspection to carry out smooth operation later and avoiding any communication delays

12:15 PM Evaluate metrics and align current business practices to support STO

  • Discussing various methods of incorporating Operational Excellence (OE) and setting objectives based on the corporate objectives
  • Benchmarking data and other critical business drivers to implement and meet the operational excellence management system requirements

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