Reducing costs through zero shutdowns, zero based budgeting, and extended intervals without compromising safety

Production losses alone can cost O&G companies tens of millions of dollars for just one day of downtime, without even accounting for the cost of contractors and manpower used during a shutdown……

With the current market scenario, the challenge for oil and gas companies is how to reduce costs without jeopardizing quality and safety. This is being done in three key ways:

  • How to achieve zero shutdowns & turnarounds
  • How to extend the interval if complete avoidance is not possible
  • How to implement zero based budgeting for each activity to get the best out of the dollar that you spend

The 5th Annual Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages Conference will bring together the regions leading oil and gas companies to discuss if zero shutdowns is an achievable objective, how to implement zero based budgeting, best methods for online maintenance and inspection and the continued search for the right contractor.

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Why Attend?

Leading in Uncertain Times

Prevent emergency shutdowns

Look Beyond Traditional Boundaries

Avoid turnarounds

Upskill Your Frontline into Leadership Positions

Successfully extend the intervals between a shutdown

Towards Outcome Centric Measurement

Carefully asses zero based budgeting to minimise the cost of your turnaround

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Learn to Use Online Technology to


Successfully extend the intervals between a shutdown while maintaining quality


Preventing emergency shutdowns by effective planning and scheduling


Achieve zero shutdowns and turnarounds by implementing online monitoring and inspection


Save money and integrity by testing out new solutions and techniques

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Who should attend?

Heads, Directors, Managers of

  •  Shutdowns and Turnarounds
  •  Maintenance and Operations
  •  Rotating Equipment
  •  Inspection and Condition Based Monitoring
  •  HSE and Risk Management
  •  Asset Management
  •  Planning and Scheduling
  •  Engineering

Industries who should attend:

  •  Petrochemicals
  •  Maintenance
  •  Scaffolding
  •  Inspection and monitoring
  •  Asset integrity
  •  Contractors
  •  Welding
  •  Catalyst and chemical
  •  Rental companies
  •  Cleaning solutions
  •  Rope access and lifting
  •  Software and hardware
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